The Official
2020 Notes
The Official
2020 Notes

Access More Than 120+ Pages Of Today’s Most Profitable Funnel Hacks & Marketing Strategies From The Best & Brightest Entrepreneurs

For The 6th Year In A Row, Russell Has Invited Us To Give You The ONLY Official Funnel Hacking LIVE 2020 Notes!
Almost 5,000 hungry entrepreneurs are packing themselves into the convention center in Nashville, Tennessee for the PREMIER Internet Marketing event of the year!

This is your one opportunity to get access to what’s proven to work today so you can stay ahead of your competition and KNOW that what you’re doing isn’t random theory that “might” work...

Each of the 14+ world-class speakers were hand picked by Russell, himself, to help struggling entrepreneurs break through the walls standing in their way.

Whether you’re just getting started and need the confidence and mindset required to focus on turning your idea into your first few sales…

...or you’re looking to crack 6-figures and get proven 7-figure strategies and systems so you can scale and obtain true financial freedom…

The focus this year is on what it ACTUALLY takes to go from virtually nothing but an idea to building a truly life changing business.

From mindset, to marketing, funnel hacking, automated traffic, branding, scaling, systems, and creating a movement that helps you build a team and achieve your dreams…

The OFFICIAL Funnel Hacking LIVE Notes will give you the clear path to grow your idea from $0 to $1,000,000 in sales…

...and the path you need to take to scale from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 and beyond.

Order now and get access to some of the best and brightest minds the marketing and entrepreneurial world has to offer right now without spending thousands of dollars…

You’re going to get help from billion dollar marketers like...

Russell Brunson

Just 6 short years ago, Russell’s back was against the wall.

Like nearly every other entrepreneur I’ve talked to and helped, all he had going for him was a hope and a dream, with a few prayers sprinkled in that this time would be different.

Facing a $150,000+ tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service, employees going unpaid, business partners wondering if they should jump ship…

Russell focused on what he knew was working at the time to host the first Funnel Hacking LIVE to a “packed house” of only 200 entrepreneurs.

This year, the convention center in Nashville, Tennessee is packed wall to wall with almost 5,000 entrepreneurs.

In that time, Russell has generated more than $400 million in sales, created a billion dollar company, helped changed hundreds of thousands of lives, and employs hundreds of people.

While your aspirations may not be as big as his and you’re not set out to change how the world does business online…

The path you’re heading down isn’t much different from the path he took to get ClickFunnels to become the household name it is today.

You’re facing the same struggles. You’re having the same thoughts.

And you’re fighting the same battle of sifting through what’s proven to work today and separating it from the noise that is the rest of the internet marketing industry.

Even if you don’t dream of bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars, or employing hundreds of people, you can use the same focus, drive, and determination to succeed that Russell used to bring us all together in this amazing community.

When it comes to learning what’s actually working today, Russell understands on an entirely new level and doesn’t waste time or money on strategies that don’t move the needle.

He’s sitting at the 10,000 foot view we all wish we had and spends more time and money marketing ClickFunnels than anyone I’ve ever met.

What he understands about not only getting started, but building to a point that your business reaches critical mass and starts taking off on its own, while also preventing you from having to put out fires all day is worth the cost of admission by itself.

You’re not just getting every single hack and strategy Russell is dropping at the event, you’re also going to get access to one of the greatest performance and mindset coaches on earth...

Tony Robbins

Ask any successful entrepreneur what the biggest factor affecting their success was and they’ll tell you…

...mindset and confidence played a bigger role than ANYTHING else.

Knowing what to do on any given day is only a small part of the battle.

The biggest war happens between your ears and the single biggest factor that separates the entrepreneurs that “make it” from the ones stuck struggling every day is how they talk to themselves.

That’s why Tony Robbins was brought back to Funnel Hacking LIVE for the 3rd year.

Russell knows that he can bring together the best, brightest minds in marketing and business today but, without the right mindset, all the information in the world won’t help people.

And if there’s one man that knows how to help people bust through their limiting beliefs and break down the negative self-talk, it’s Tony Robbins.

His mission this year is to help crush those thoughts and fears that are holding you in place so you can build unshakeable confidence in your abilities and move closer to your goals every day.

Transforming into the person that your future business requires you to be is easy when you’re taking mindset advice from the #1 Elite Performance Coach in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now or what’s going on in your life, the perspective shifts you get after reading Tony’s Notes is guaranteed to help close the gap between where you are right now and where you’re destined to go.

Getting just a few new ways to look at the problems you’re facing could be the massive break you’re looking for and you never realize how powerful those mindset shifts can be until you read through these Notes and start feeling the shifts happen inside of you.

Ryan Holiday

It’s rare you get a chance to learn from someone that completely reshaped society’s view of how someone is “supposed to be”.

The term “struggling artist” is generally accepted around the world as the status quo.

Artists are supposed to struggle and starve their entire lives until one day, long after they’ve passed away, someone finally respects their art and their name takes off.

But Ryan Holiday refused to accept the label and definitely was not going to settle on waiting until he passed away for his family to start thriving off his hard work.

In one of the toughest industries ever, he created a new methodology that is flipping “struggling artist” on its head -- to the tune of generating more than $100 million in sales online.

Now, as entrepreneurs, most of us don’t consider ourselves artists…

...and Ryan is looking to change that, too.

Everything we do, everything we pour our heart and soul into, and every person we come in contact with is affected by our “art”...

And, as unfortunate as it is, most entrepreneurs are embodying the “struggling artist” label.

His methodology for creating “Perennial Sellers” is something every struggling entrepreneur can put to use in their business right now to instantly set themselves apart and get the attention their offers truly deserve.

Building something that outlasts the day to day marketing so you create the momentum needed to not only grow a business but sustain that growth for years to come is the key to success.

If you’re determined to build a legacy that continues to thrive and impact the people you serve for decades to come, these Notes from Ryan Holiday’s talk on stage are critical for your future.

Prince EA

Most people would consider Prince EA lucky… but when you listen to him speak and dive deep into his story… you quickly realize that luck didn’t have anything to do with his success.

He knew that, in order to be successful, he had to find and tap into his authentic voice but finding it and having the confidence to put his message out to the world was the one thing that kept him from tasting the success he’s amassed today.

He stayed stuck and spinning his wheels for years until

If you’re struggling to find your voice, wondering how to get people to listen to you, how to create cool stuff that takes off like a wildfire AND how to get people to actually CARE...

Prince EA is who you should be listening to and studying right now.

In less than 5 years, he’s built a social media following of more than 20,000,000 people -- what would happen to your business with even 5% of that reach?

This special Q&A session is focused on helping you show up as the authentic personality your audience requires so your audience falls in love with who you are and hangs on every single word and offer you make.

From Facebook, to YouTube and Instagram, the growth hacks Prince EA is laying down will help you build a sticky brand in even the most competitive industries.

Most of them only require you to show up as yourself -- something every single entrepreneur and marketer reading this can do, once you understand how Prince makes it as easy as it is.

Tom Bilyeu

So many entrepreneurs fail to hit the success they’re dreaming of because they want to stay small and play small.

Sticking to their comfort zone and staying safely inside of the idea phase is one of the biggest problems facing new entrepreneurs today.

Tom Bilyeu understands this better than anyone else.

For years, he played it safe and never stepped outside of his comfort zone.

He was always worried about what people would think, when the haters and trolls would try to take him down, and that nobody actually wanted what he was putting out to the world.

After wasting time, destroying his confidence, and keeping his energy low, he finally made his mind up that this year was going to be the year things had to change.

He quit journaling and brainstorming his ideas…

He quit talking about his ideas with people closest to him…

And he stopped avoiding taking action on his life-changing dreams.

Looking back, he realized that the reason he was stuck for so long was not knowing which steps to take right now and the huge fear of uncertainty that what he was doing might not work.

Once he finally made his mind up, started seeking out mentors that had a track record of getting success in today’s competitive landscape, and focusing on putting one foot in front of the other…

Tom built a nutrition company valued at more than a billion dollars.

He figured out that what separates beginners from “successful” entrepreneurs isn’t the strategies and tactics.

He’s proven it’s never been easier to build a billion dollar company than it is right now. 

But the strategies and systems to build a company worth more than a billion dollars is actually the easy part… 

...the real work happens inside of your mind and building the confidence in yourself to know you are, in fact, capable of achieving your dreams with less effort than you probably think is needed right now.

If your mindset, your fear of failing, and your frustration of not knowing what to do right now and then what steps to take next is holding you back…

The Notes from Tom’s session are exactly what you need to finally move forward and get a taste of the potential you’re keeping locked inside by playing it safe.

You're Also Getting Access To The Juiciest Funnel & Marketing Secrets From Two Comma Club Members Like…

Garrett J. White

Garrett J. White (and his wife, Danielle) are the ONLY people who have ever been invited onto the stage ALL 6 years of Funnel Hacking LIVE.

This year, Garrett is going to break down how (and why) every business he owns (along with other businesses in his network) are making one major change…

Instead of trying to make their business more complex, adding more offers, targeting more audiences, and hiring more people… 

...Garrett and other entrepreneurs are doing something completely different.

They’re scaling back the complexity WHILE scaling up their revenues.

This year, he’s going to break down the fundamental principles in his book and show you how he is using “The Stacking Method” to restore simplicity in his business and others that he is invested in.

Heather Quisel

When it comes to becoming successful, a lot of people are stuck, hiding behind the fear and pain that has affected their lives in the past.

This safe space is one that Heather Quisel had more than enough reason to resort to after her husband and father of 4 children passed away suddenly and unexpectedly during a hike.

Instead of backing down and accepting the pain and frustration, she used it to propel herself forward into a multi-million dollar business.

If you’ve found yourself feeling too busy, or too tired, that you’re not an expert, you don’t have a product idea, that the timing isn’t right, or that you have to take care of your family…

...and those are all “valid” reasons you can’t get your business up and running…

The notes from Heather Quisel are going to help shift your perspective and show you what can be done when you’re working from a place of fear and frustration.

You’re going to learn how to turn your pain and past experiences into the driving factor pushing you towards success and creating the type of momentum that keeps you moving even in the worst of times…

When you Order your Funnel Hacking LIVE 2020 Notes, you’re also going to learn the easiest way to tap into the fastest growing social network from the YouTube Queen herself...

Marley Jaxx

Marley Jaxx is quickly becoming known as The Queen Of Content -- but not just any content… she’s focused on the type of content that actually turns the dial in a business.

Too many creators these days are great at churning out content piece after content piece, but one thing still remains true for them…

They’re utterly broke. 

Financially. Spiritually. 

They’re completely tapped.

During her presentation, she’s going to show you the difference between growing your following WHILE growing your income… and how so many entrepreneurs are getting it wrong.

If you want to save energy creating content that gets you paid over and over again, Marley is going to show you how she creates 6 months worth of content at a time in less than 3 days.

These notes show you how to jump off the content creation hamster wheel and jump into streamlining your business so it works for you, instead.

You can achieve both -- a following that loves you and an audience that takes your offers -- if you follow the strategies Marley uses to grow her client’s businesses past 7-figures a year.

Annie Grace

If you’ve experienced pain in your life, Annie Grace can help you turn it into your greatest transformation -- while helping other people just like you do exactly the same.

She experienced the pain and frustration of growing too fast because her pain and desires had one massive effect on the people around her… they wanted more, too!

Through her unique approach to recovery, the powerful truth she uncovered helped her find her new mission.

That mission became the driving force behind her business and what her entire audience gets behind, helping spread the word for her while she focuses on helping her team grow the business.

Shifting your mindset from what’s happening “to” you to what’s happening “for” you can be the greatest mindset shift you’ll ever make.

In these notes, Annie will help you understand how she’s done it -- and how she capitalized on the transformation to create a true movement behind her business.

Jermaine Griggs

When Jermaine Griggs got into the business, he knew that he didn’t want to be another entrepreneur that was chained to the operation.

He took his passion and shared it with the world WHILE ensuring he wasn’t buried in the day-to-day so he could spend more time with his family, traveling the world, and doing what he loves most.

The approach he takes to building his business is designed to give him MORE free time as the business grows INSTEAD of becoming a 60-80 hour a week job disguised as a business.

If you’re trying to avoid falling into the trap of becoming a slave, or you’re already buried underneath the business you built, the notes in this section are going to help you claw back your energy and remember why you got in the business in the first place.

And, if you think your niche is too obscure, or too small to do big things, Jermaine is going to show you how he has helped more than 2,000,000 people learn how to play gospel music.

All of this happened WHILE he was on planes traveling around the world with his family!

On top of his Notes, you’re also going to get access to the one component most entrepreneurs fail to see until it’s too late -- and the one that ends up costing them the most time and money.

Kathryn Jones

When Kathryn started looking into funnels, she realized there was one critical step missing from funnels that were close to taking off… and those that were already landing in the 2 Comma Club.

This one step is the ultimate determining factor between whether a funnel will succeed or will hit an earnings wall and get stuck there…

And it’s a concept that most entrepreneurs either don’t know (or understand properly) or think they know enough that they don’t need to be doing it and sweep it under the rug.

In her 2-part presentation, she’s going to break down not only the strategy behind what makes a funnel take off, but also what helps a funnel convert at numbers most people believe simply isn’t possible.

If you’re trying to engineer your funnels to convert at a higher level (especially if you’re wanting to run paid traffic), the notes in this section are going to be HUGE for you.

Gabe Schillinger

How powerful are funnels?

That’s a question Gabe Schillinger asked himself over and over again without realizing exactly how far the answer was going to take him on his quest to turning his life around.

On his mission, Gabe used funnels to tap into the massive American music industry, to the tune of working with household names like Too Short, Kendrick Lamar, and even Snoop Dogg.

He found his passion in music and ClickFunnels helped him turn that passion into a very, very lucrative career.

Gabe takes his own musical beats and uses funnels to get them in front of the artists he knows WILL WANT to use them. 

He’s also using funnels to pour his energy to helping up-and-coming artists realize their own true potential through the marketing skills he gained from building his own business.

With one minor shift in his outlook and perspective, Gabe gave up one dream to pursue another -- and that one simple shift was all it took to see his career begin to shine.

These notes will take you deep inside of the mindset and thought processes behind how he was able to secure his Two Comma Club award and do it faster than many others were able to do.

You’re also going to learn just how far the right funnel can reach, and the types of people it can put you directly in front of -- many times without you ever knowing it happened.

Dan Henry

Like him or hate him, one thing is certain... 

Dan Henry is one of the most polarizing voices in digital marketing right now and it’s hard to ignore how quickly he has built an 8-figure business.

Dan found his success by bucking the trend of doing everything and trying to be everywhere.

Instead of spreading himself too thin, he doubled down on the one thing he was good at -- running Facebook ads, for his clients, and for himself.

His key to success is taking a “winner” and split testing it against a new idea to see which one comes out on top -- and then running with the winner as far and as fast as he possibly can.

This year, he’s going to break down the most profitable of his hundreds of different split tests and show you how he gets more people to show up to his webinars, how he’s making his webinars “stickier” so people don’t leave and…

How he’s getting sub-$20 high-ticket sales when most people are happy spending $50 to $100 a piece -- and still turning a profit.

Anissa Holmes

Anissa Holmes, recognized as one of the Top 25 Women In Dentistry, learned everything she could about her profession in school… but when it came to actually growing her business and getting people through the doors… her degree fell flat.

Her practice was constantly struggling and everyone in her local network seemed to accept that it’s just the way business was done for them.

Refusing to accept this and knowing that funnels were some of the most powerful marketing assets you can build for your business...

She took the power of ClickFunnels and used it to start generating a fresh stream of leads to the point that she was actually able to retire from being a dentist.

With her success, she tapped into a market that was being severely under-served -- one of the fastest growing and easiest-to-serve segments in ClickFunnels today.

Showing up as the hero that is going to help grow their local business is one of the easiest ways to generate a 7-figure income using ClickFunnels… and most people are STILL doing it wrong!

Kathryn’s notes will show you the exact funnel and advertising strategies she’s using to help other local businesses keep their pipeline full -- and changing lives while she’s doing it.

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BONUS: Frank Kern's Presentation Notes

The stage erupted this year when Russell switched from watching FunnelFlix with Todd on the couch to plastering Frank’s face across the big screen.

Frank let us into his world for a brief moment, breaking down some of what he helps his high-level ($7-figure+) clients with on a daily basis.

When you order your OFFICIAL Funnel Hacking LIVE 2020 Notes, you’re also going to get access to the presentation.

If you’re constantly looking at your business like it’s broken, there’s too much to do, or you just don’t know where to start, these Notes are going to be huge for you.

Frank will show you exactly what you need to be looking at in each step of your business, how you need to be looking at it, and where to focus your energy to increase conversions, your average order value, and reduce your ad costs while you do it.

This presentation, alone, is worth the price of admission -- but you’re also getting Notes every the other 14+ world-class keynote speakers on stage this year.

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Here’s to 2020 being the best year yet,

- Tim Castleman

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This is especially true if you couldn’t make it or didn’t want to make it to the event. 

These Notes are your only option for getting ahead of the industry and getting access to the funnel secrets, marketing strategies, and growth tactics being revealed during the event… 

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